Review: Sarah Karasek | The Little Punk Princess: a Fairy Tale

The Little Punk Princess by Sarah Karasek

Princess Walton-Clinton-Trump loves punk music. She loves heavy metal, ska, and industrial, too. The only problem is that these genres are seen as anti-patriotic propaganda and have been made illegal in the country of The America. Her parents are the People in Charge, and Princess will one day inherit the presidency. Mr. And Mrs. Walton-Clinton-Trump want Princess to fit the role of a Person in Charge, so they put her on diets to lose weight, not to mention try to control every aspect of her life.

When Princess is caught with contraband in her room (the cassettes, CDs, and vinyl records she managed to scavenge), she must make a choice to stay and become president eventually, or escape with her music to a land that is rumored to be more accepting.

My favorite character is one Princess meets about halfway into the book. Their name is Occasum, and I have to give major props to the author for so flawlessly incorporating a non-binary character into the story. It means a lot to see that representation.

The Little Punk Princess is a fun and fantastic read that give a little glimpse into what communities can be like if we all work together and take care of one another, as well as what can come out of the greed and excess of capitalism. Read it!

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